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December 2020

What does my Azure APIM Product look like to external viewers

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As a followup to the other article I may also want to look at what the API looks like to the subscriber of a product. Again we have the azure portal or the APIM developer portal which are ok but its not that easy for you to see the paths in a way which gives you a good simple view across your API's within the product. Bring in another little powershell script below $resourceGroupName = '[Resource Group Here]' $apimServiceName = '[APIM Name Here]' $apimContext = New-AzApiManagementContext -ResourceGroupName $global:resourceGroupName -ServiceName $global:apimServiceName Write-Host 'APIM =' $apimContext.ServiceName $apimInstance = Get-AzApiManagement -ResourceGroupName $apimContext.ResourceGroupName -Name [...]

What does my Azure APIM API look like to external viewers

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One of the things I struggle with a bit with Azure APIM is the holistic view of what my API looks like if I am an external viewer looking at it. When you work in the Azure Portal you get a pretty interface that is nice and easy to work with but the problem is that the interface masks some of the key information about what your paths look like on the API so its difficult to know if its an API which is easy to understand to the external user. With this in mind I have put together the [...]

Release Orchestrator in Azure DevOps for Azure Integration Solutions

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When we deliver integration solutions on the Azure iPaaS platform we are usually building a composite application style approach where we have a solution that contains some Logic Apps, a Function and maybe some other bits that will deliver the functionality for a small group of interfaces. This is a great model which provides a lot of flexibility for building solutions.  Over the course of time you will build up a whole group of these solutions and your integration platform is closer to a microservice style architecture than it would have been in years past. The challenge comes when we [...]

Integration Monday Update – Dec 2020

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We have had some really good sessions this quarter in Integration Monday, a bit about each of them is below Dev 7th - Logic App Developer Experiences Sandro and Pedro joined us to talk about their experiences from many projects with different approaches for developing Logic Apps. This is a real world, from the trenches session. - 30th Nov - BizTalk Migrator Deep Dive In this session Dan Probert joined us to talk about the BizTalk Migrator tool and how he has used it on real projects - 23rd November - Logic App Testing I talked about testing [...]

Helper – Logic Apps

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This is a cross post from my Integration Playbook article. Ill be talking a bit more on this topic in due course. When your working on a growing Microsoft iPaaS implementation.  Your organisation is going to be developing a range of different projects that will combine technologies like Logic Apps and other Microsoft Azure PaaS services.  As you build more and more solutions you will begin to see patterns and opportunities to develop reusable widgets which will help you build better solutions, quicker and more reliably.  As we are a few steps along our journey we have been developing as [...]

October 2020

Logic App Error Report

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Recently I created a tool to help us get an excel spreadsheet containing a list of all of the errors for any Logic Apps we had and a list of what action in each one had the error. This is something we will use if we have a major issue or want to get a list of all errors between a given period so we can see what the impact is if there was an outage of some kind. You can get the tool on chocolatey if you want to try it - there is more info on the [...]

September 2020

Integration Monday July/Aug 2020

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Over the summer we held a few events for Integration Monday that I just wanted to ping a few reminders about as we have an awesome backlog of over 100+ videos for Integration Monday. They are all available here: How to architect your apps to save 98% on your Azure bill Dan Bass joined us in August for his 2nd appearance on Integration Monday. Dan has been working on projects with his organisation delivering Serverless solutions for a few years now and a while back he was talking to us about a real world implementation and the journey the company [...]

Ignite 2020 Logic App Announcements – What

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This is a cross posting from the Integration Playbook Following on from my previous article about why I think Microsoft are extending the Logic Apps offering  I wanted to take a shot at attempting to describe how things will be changing. First off lets consider what we have now and then we will look at whats changing.  Also I will call out that at this point in time based on what Microsoft have said, I think there is some work to do around naming because I think its a little confusing when there are similar things which arent actually the [...]

Ignite 2020 Logic App Announcements – Why

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This is a cross post from the Integration Playbook Since Microsoft launched Logic Apps a few years ago it has been pretty successful.  There has been a lot of adoption and customers have solved some good business problems and have been able to be much more agile than they have previously been with Microsoft Integration technologies. I think in terms of development of Logic Apps we have seen great traction in the following areas: Customers building Enterprise Integration solutionsCustomers building smaller one off integration solutionsIT Pro's wanting to develop automation solutions I think its really interesting to see how much [...]

Using Power Platform to help EAI Testing part 2

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Recently I posted about how using Power Automate with Microsoft Teams and excel could be used to allow users to submit test data to interfaces while development was in progress on a project to allow you to get early feedback from systems and to help discover if there are data issues between systems on an EAI project. (again this is also on the integration playbook so check out here for more great articles ( Using excel isnt the only way you can do this, you could also develop a Power Apps canvas app to help submit data to an interface.  [...]

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