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October 2015

Microsoft Technology for each Integration Capability

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Ive been thinking a little about some of the different technologies in the Microsoft stack and how they overlay on the different capabilities I need within the integration architectures I have been involved with over the years. Below I have tried to list as many of the different integration capabilities that come to mind as possible and the technologies that can help you implement those capabilities both on premise, or in the cloud as Iaas or as PaaS/SaaS.     Integration Capability On Premise Cloud/Hybrid IaaS Cloud/Hybird PaaS/SaaS Partner/Other   File Transfer Technologies File Transfer IIS - FTP IIS on [...]

June 2015

Deployment Notifications to Yammer – via Console App

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Recently I wanted to add messages to Yammer to inform people about the deployment of components being performed.  I wanted to add something to my deployment scripts to make this happen in an automated fashion. I was looking into the Yammer API options and some samples but while they initially looked ok I found it was quite painful trying to workout how to use it from a non user interactive process.  Most of the samples seem to assume your using Yammer from an MVC app or a Windows Store app where a user is involved. In my scenario I wanted [...]

May 2015

Integration Session from BizTalk Summit

By |2015-05-13T19:55:29+00:00May 13th, 2015|API, API App, Azure, Azure App Service, BizTalk, Logic App, Service Bus|

The video from the session I did with Oliver Davy at the London BizTalk Summit is now available online.  In this video we talked about why integration is important to the university of northumbria and how we saw the evolution of their integration platform. Finally we showed a demo from a reference architecture which used Minecraft to model and act out some business processes which flexed the integration platform which was implemented with Azure and BizTalk. See it here

February 2015

Azure API Management + Azure Service Bus + Minecraft

By |2015-02-05T01:56:12+00:00February 5th, 2015|API, Azure, Service Bus, Uncategorized|

Ok three things I bet you never thought you would hear together, Azure API Management, Azure Service Bus and Minecraft. Ill give you a minute to get over the WTF which im sure is going through your head about now but let's see how we can use Microsoft Azure to do some cool stuff in Minecraft. I know a little bit about Minecraft but compared to AJ (my 9 year old son who is an expert) I know very little. Our conversations seem to revolve around hytale vs minecraft and which is better, but in reality, I don't know much [...]

December 2014

Whats in your integration platform?

By |2014-12-09T14:58:01+00:00December 9th, 2014|API, Azure, BizTalk, Service Bus, Uncategorized|

I really enjoyed Kent Weare's presentation at Integrate this week which will be about some thoughts on helping companies with the decision around choosing the right technologies to make up their integration platform.  To accompany the talk there is a whitepaper which Steef-Jan Wiggers and I were asked by Kent to help him produce. Anyway on the back of that I was thinking a little about some of the different combinations of technologies Ive seen used to implement an integration platform over the years and thought id make a note of them below.  Would be interesting to hear what other people have [...]

November 2014

Part 4 – API Gateway in the Cloud

By |2014-11-17T19:55:09+00:00November 17th, 2014|API, Azure, Service Bus|

As I mentioned earlier in the series of articles there were a couple of projects where we implemented the API Gateway pattern which I wanted to discuss. The 2nd project was a one where we also used Azure Service Bus and that introduced what I thought were some interesting new things. As mentioned in Martin Fowlers Microservices articles some people will often use a messaging capability along with their services and I wanted to discuss how we evolved the architecture here. In this project we were working with 3 other businesses within the global group of companies. One of the [...]

Part 3 – API Gateway that worked then went wrong

By |2014-11-17T19:38:20+00:00November 17th, 2014|API, Azure, BizTalk|

In this article I want to talk about a real world example of a project which involved an API Gateway component and how even after some initial success the project deviated from the vision and where the architecture ended up and some of the problems associated with that. The original requirements of this project were that there was to be a burst of development of websites to support different initiatives happening in the business.  Most of these initiatives needed interaction in one form or another between the websites and the existing LOB applications.  Some of these were custom developed and [...]

Part 2 – Services Platform Background

By |2014-11-17T21:11:59+00:00November 17th, 2014|API, Azure|

Rather than just be a theoretical discussion about API Gateway, I want to bring in some real world stuff here.  I thought the best way to do this is to go through a couple of implementations but before I do that I need to lay out some background information and thinking behind how we developed our services approach.  This will help you to understand things within the examples and also are topics and ideas I hope you find interesting. When we started our journey we did not set out to build an SOA and at the time "API" wasnt really [...]

Part 1 – API Gateway Discussion

By |2014-11-17T19:43:35+00:00November 17th, 2014|API, Azure, Service Bus|

This article really came about from the twitter conversation on the below link: [] To elaborate on my original comment, what I was trying to say but requires more than 160 chars to effectively communicate was that I like the API Gateway pattern but it is also one you need to be careful with.  It is very easy to fall into an anti-pattern where your API gateway can become very complex and you end up losing all of the benefits of what you are trying to achieve.  In the Twitter conversation I mentioned that we had used Azure Service Bus [...]

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