This week we were doing the trackman combine test again. There are many ways you can measure your golf game and the combine test is interesting that you take 60 shots at specific yardages and it rates your game on your ability to get close to those targets.

Improvement in a month

Below are the two images from trackman showing the improvement. Now im not a 21 handicap, probably more like a 7-10 (i dont have one yet) but Trackman is rating me in terms of comparing me to other players of similar handicap ranges based on ability to hit targets at a given distance, its not an exact correlation to a golf handicap but its a good guide to measuring a certain aspect of your game and the better you are at approach shots the better your game will be.

Video of todays test

The below video is me doing the test today.

Analysis of Improvement

I did the test a month ago and then Jack and I worked on a few things about my game including swing path, club alignment and club distances.

I have re-done the test again and below is an overview of the comparison between the 2 tests.


  • My carry distances for all distances through 60-140 are significantly improved and actually look pretty good
  • My key improvement areas are 80, 100, 120 and 140 yards. I think the gapping sessions to clarify club choices for these shots helped a lot
  • 100 yards is pretty good and probably my best lay up distance now
  • At 180 yards, in the original session I was trying to hit a 3 iron and just cant carry the ball far enough, this time I was hitting a 2 iron which was better
  • At 160 yards I hit a few bad 3 iron shots and hopefully will just hit it better next time
  • From the gapping sessions I now have a few shot choices for each of the different distances and have removed a bunch of the guess work.

Feeling from the test

  • I felt I was pulling the ball a little on a few shots and on reflection for next time I think adding the shot visual along side the distance visual will help with feedback

My Combine Reports

My 2 combine reports are here:

  • 22 Sept =
  • 23 Aug =


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