A while ago I tried to use Logic Apps to connect to Azure Storage via the SFTP preview but it wasnt working. Today Rik and Riccardo were asking about support for this so I gave my demos I did a few months ago a quick try and they do work now. It looks like at somepoint Microsoft has updated the connectors for SFTP and they now work with Azure Storage and its SFTP service.

Obviously its preferable to connect to the storage account from a Logic App via the storage connector but in the bigger picture there are cases where the SFTP service on storage can help you out.

There are 2 scenarios where I think people might be likely to use

  1. I integrate with a 3rd parties SFTP server and I need an easy way to mock out their sftp server for my testing. The value here is you can save on the cost and management overhead of having a VM by using storage
  2. You can integrate with a partner who can only support SFTP for whatever reason be it technical or commercial. You can expose a storage account to them via SFTP but once data is in storage you can do things like respond to storage account events to receive files or put files in the storage account via the storage connector so its easy to integrate with but the partner uses SFTP.

Below is an example of this architecture

In the video below you can see my demo’s of using both Logic App Standard and Logic App Consumption with an Azure Storage account. What I wanted to show in the video is how to configure the “built in” SFTP connector for Logic App standard and also the SFTP API Connection which can be used with Logic App Consumption (or standard) to access the storage account via SFTP which should open up some of those scenarios.


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