When we develop logic app standard with VS Code and we have added Azurite via vscode for the storage emulation then in certain setups you will end up with Azurite adding a bunch of files to your workspace. It just looks ugly and fortuntately it looks like there will soon be a change to add them to a sub-folder. More info on the change is below:


At present my code looks like the below.

If it annoys you then a couple of little tweaks below will hide them out of the way.

Settings File

In the .vscode\settings.json file add the below snippet to stop the files showing up in vscode.

"files.exclude": {
        "__azurite*": true,
        "__blobstorage__": true,
        "__queuestorage__": true

Git Ignore

In the .gitignore file add the below snippet and they will stop getting added to the git checkin.

# Azurite Files (note - https://github.com/Azure/Azurite/pull/1061)


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