Next week Im going to talk at the Leeds user group. I havent spoken at an in-person user group in ages so im really looking forward to it. Im going to have to find some real clothes I guess. Working from home for so long the joggers and shorts will be no good here!

If your interested in signing up the link is below:

Business Activity Monitoring with Serverless360

In this session we will talk about how Serverless360 Business Activity Monitoring can be used to create a user friendly view of business process transactions executing within your IT architecture which can allow IT support staff and Business Users to be able to understand what is happening under the hood.
We will look at how you can use BAM from things like Power Automate, Logic Apps, Power Automate RPA and Data Flows.

Azure Synapse for mere mortals

Azure Synapse sounds scary but is a powerful platform for building a data and analytics architecture.  If you arent already an expert with Synapse and Data Warehousing how do you understand what it is, how it works and what use cases you can do with it.  We will look at exactly those things and hopefully help people to understand how to take that first step to learn more about how this technology could help you.


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