On the first of June I will be talking at the Integrate summit this year (https://www.biztalk360.com/integrate-2021-remote/). When you build solutions with Azure and in particular when you are building integration solutions there is a few choices and ways you can utilise some of the different logging capabilities available in the Azure and partner eco-system. I thought it would be interesting to look at Log Analytics, Application Insights and BAM from Serverless360. I am using all 3 of them on real-world projects and while they have overlaps in some of the things you can do with them I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the services and look at the target use cases for each and talk about some examples and advice around where to use what.

Hopefully this will be an interesting session for people and looking forward to virtually seeing people in June. If you are planning on attending there is a discount code for tickets INT2021-SPEAKER-MIKE


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