We have had some really good sessions this quarter in Integration Monday, a bit about each of them is below

Dev 7th – Logic App Developer Experiences

Sandro and Pedro joined us to talk about their experiences from many projects with different approaches for developing Logic Apps. This is a real world, from the trenches session. – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/logic-apps-development-experiences/

30th Nov – BizTalk Migrator Deep Dive

In this session Dan Probert joined us to talk about the BizTalk Migrator tool and how he has used it on real projects – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/biztalk-migrator-deep-dive/

23rd November – Logic App Testing

I talked about testing logic apps with Specflow – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/testing-for-logic-apps-and-azure-integration/

9th Nov – Designing the New Logic Apps Designer

In this session Derek Li from the product team at Microsoft joined us to talk about stuff related to the new Logic App updates – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/ask-me-anything-designing-the-new-logic-app-with-derek-li/

2nd Nov – Migrating WCF apps to Azure Kubernetes Service

In this session Elton Stoneman joined us to talk about a migration scenario for customers who may have legacy WCF components and how you might consider Docker and AKS with these architectures. – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/migrating-wcf-apps-to-azure-kubernetes-service/

12th Oct – Integration with Reactive Programming

In this session Sagar joined us to talk about reactive programming models and technologies like event grid for integration use cases – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/system-integration-using-reactive-programming/

28th Sept – Building workflow solutions in Azure

In this session Steef-Jan joined us to talk about some of the different options and considerations for workflow solutions built with Azure – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/building-workflow-solutions-with-microsoft-azure-and-cloud/


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