Over the summer we held a few events for Integration Monday that I just wanted to ping a few reminders about as we have an awesome backlog of over 100+ videos for Integration Monday. They are all available here:

How to architect your apps to save 98% on your Azure bill

Dan Bass joined us in August for his 2nd appearance on Integration Monday. Dan has been working on projects with his organisation delivering Serverless solutions for a few years now and a while back he was talking to us about a real world implementation and the journey the company went through in the adoption of Serverless. Dan came back to share more real world insights into the billing side of their serverless solution and how to think about cost from the perspective of a Serverless Minimalist. It was a fun session with lots of good experiences shared and discussed. The video is here:


Migrating BizTalk Solutions to Azure: Mapping Messages

Mark Brimble also joined us in August to talk about some work he has done with his organisation around migrating from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services. In particular Mark wanted to talk about different approaches for the transformation of data between different formats. He discussed topics like Integration Accounts, Liquid templates and maps.

Video Link: http://www.integrationusergroup.com/migrating-biztalk-solutions-to-azure-mapping-messages/

Infrastructure As Code with Terraform | DevOps way

Kapil Chadha joined us in July to talk about Terraform. It was a great way to get an introduction to terraform if you are unfamiliar with it and Kapil shared lots of real world experiences from projects he has worked on using Terraform to implement DevOps processes.

Video Link: http://www.integrationusergroup.com/art-of-possible-infrastructure-as-code-with-terraform-devops-way/

Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions

In July Steef Jan Wiggers joined us to talk about Serverless Programming Models and Serverless functions and to talk about the stateful approaches that can be used with Microsoft technologies for these architecture types.

Video Link: http://www.integrationusergroup.com/stateful-programming-models-in-serverless-functions/


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