I need to blog more about the things we are doing with Serverless 360, thought id take the change to talk about some of the features we put in a while ago before my update talk this week at Integrate.  Recently we added some cool features to Serverless360 to help with the operations and runtime management of Logic Apps.  Some of the ones I like best are discussed below.

Logic App Dashboard

The Logic App dashboard is automatically created when you add a Logic App to your composite application in Serverless360.  The dashboard will use the metrics from the Logic App to provide you with some useful information about the running of your Logic App.  You can customize the dashboard to add your own widgets to it if you want.

Action Required

When your Logic App is running it will probably get errors occasionally.  How do you know which errors have been handled and which still need to be sorted out?  The Action Required tab on the Logic App management screen will give you a list of the error instances for the Logic App which you haven’t dealt with.  You can either choose to ignore the error and provide a description of why it is ignored.  You can alternatively resubmit the error.  These will take the instance off the action required list.  If the retry subsequently errors then it will appear on the action required list.  It will give you a to do list to keep on top of the operations of the Logic App.

Logic App Retry Chain

Sometimes you may have a logic app which repeatedly gets an error.  The problem is when you have many instances which don’t necessarily all fail, how can you see from your list of errors which Logic Apps are retries of each other so you can troubleshoot the chain that keeps having a problem.

From the Logic App run history and action required you can view the retry chain which will show you a visual like below so you can see the runs of the Logic Apps which were retries of each other.  You can also click them to view the details of each other.


Sometimes you might be troubleshooting a problem and you need to keep an eye on an instance of a Logic App to troubleshoot what went wrong.  Maybe you are waiting to hear back from a team with info to help you sort the issue.  You might have many instances of the logic app running so the favourites list lets you easily mark the logic app instance as a favourite so you can easily find it later.  When your done simply remove it from the favourites list.

We did add a bunch of other stuff in march/April which is discussed in more detail on this link:


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