A little over a year ago Saravana Kumar and Mike Stephenson started off the idea of integration Monday. It originated on the back of one of the Integrate summits and we felt that while big summits are cool the challenge is that technology is changing weekly and we wanted to create something where we could give people an opportunity to learn about technology on a weekly basis. The webcast is ran at 7:30pm UK time each week.

So far we have been very successful. We have had sessions almost every week for over 60 weeks and have covered some brilliant topics with some of the best speakers. Our scope means that we get people join us for webinars from all over the world as illustrated by the below graphic from our analysis of the user group last year.

Call for Speakers

After running for more than a year and having had in 50+ speakers we need to extend our reach to bring in more people who would like to speak at our events.

As a speaker you can join us from anywhere in the world. The meetings are hosted in Go To Webinar, one of the most in-demand webinar services of 2021, so you can speak from anywhere with a decent internet connection. Internet connection is important as not only does it connect everyone, but it allows for a strong connection, meaning there will be a good video with good audio. This way, everyone can appreciate the speaker. It’s worth checking out these xfinity internet prices and switching internet providers if the connection is weak, otherwise, the webinar is going to be hard to enjoy. The process for speaking is that upon offering to speak, Mike Stephenson will work with you around content advice and where your slot in the schedule will be. At this point then Sriram Hariharan from BizTalk 360 will ask you for some information so he can do the marketing and promotion for the event you will speak at. Sriram will also be able to arrange a test meeting with you if you are not familiar with Go To Webinar or want to do a comms test.

When it comes to your session on the day, Mike will be the host for the session and will introduce you and be available if there are any problems. At the end of the session Mike will also go through any questions from the audience with you too.

After the session we would publish your slides and the recorded video from the event on the user group website as we get a lot of additional viewers who may not attend on the day but watch the videos later. You can see some of the previous videos in the past events list – http://www.integrationusergroup.com/past-events/

Hopefully some of the information below will help you decide if you would like to speak at an event and if you are interested please contact me on Twitter at – @Michael_Stephen – https://twitter.com/michael_stephen

Topics we have covered

We have covered an extensive range of topics so far, and the thing is, in today’s world integration is everywhere which gives us the opportunity to engage with topic areas which a few years ago may not have fallen within the typical “integration” area. Today we have people who have worked in integration for years who are looking to learn about the technologies they need to use in today and tomorrows integration solutions but also people who in the past haven’t considered themselves to work in integration are now seeing that integration is ever more part of their job and they too need to learn about the modern integration technologies and approaches and where to use what.

  • Logic Apps
  • Power Apps
  • Azure Security
  • BizTalk Server
  • Docker and .net Core
  • Application Insights
  • DocumentDB and Power BI
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • AS4
  • Continuous Deployment
  • EDI
  • Azure Data Factory
  • SSIS
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Azure App Service
  • Healthcare + Azure
  • Modern Deployment approaches and Azure Resource Manager
  • Swagger
  • Azure API Management
  • Service Bus Premium Messaging
  • BizTalk Developer Add-ons
  • Business Rules
  • Microservices
  • API Apps
  • Hybrid SAP integration
  • Azure Machine Learning + Kinect
  • Non technical sessions around soft skills and analysis
  • Community and Sales of Integration Solutions
  • Logic Apps combines with BizTalk
  • Architecture
  • Power BI
  • BizTalk on Azure IaaS + Data Keeper
  • Service Bus hidden features
  • ESB
  • HL7 Fhir
  • Hybrid Connectivity
  • Microservices

Topics we would like to also cover

We have recently been running a survey to get some information about what people would like to see in the future. The response has been more of the same but also the below themes came out as key areas of interest.

  • Machine Learning
  • akka.net
  • RabbitMQ
  • NService Bus
  • IoT Kick Start
  • Host Integration Server
  • Actor Model
  • Real world projects
  • Biztalk ESB
  • Architecture
  • Power BI
  • Logic Apps
  • API Management
  • Healthcare IoT
  • Design Patterns
  • REST
  • Web API
  • DevOps for integration
  • Load Testing
  • Security & Governance
  • SSIS/Data Factory
  • Case Studies
  • Integration with various SaaS apps
  • Implementing EAI patterns on Azure
  • Developing in Azure
  • Power Apps
  • Security
  • Security in API development

In terms of topics we would view your topic as being relevant if it is something which would appeal to people who would be working in integration scenarios who have a skill set based on the Microsoft technology stack. We would be interested in scenarios of integrating Microsoft technologies with other vendor products.


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