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Just wanted to share some thinking for my session at the London BizTalk Summit in April.  My session will be the details below


An Integration Platform to Support Vision 2025
Northumbria University is at an exciting point on its journey to become a new kind of excellent university at a time when the higher education sector itself is undergoing significant change. The University’s “Vision 2025” and underpinning corporate strategy describe how the University will respond to a changing sector and exploit emerging opportunities (including technologies) to help shape the future direction of higher education and differentiate itself by providing outstanding experiences to its students. A key enabler to “Vision 2025” is an innovative transformation and technology strategy which places integration right at its heart. In this session we will explore how a flexible business focused integration platform could be created with Microsoft Azure and other technologies to help the University achieve its vision.
Michael Stephenson, Oliver Davy
From speaking to friends in the community I have often felt people work with organisations who struggle to have a clear vision of what integration is and where it fits in their organisation.  Often there are small pockets of integration which do some best practices but how do you have a vision to do good integration across your enterprise?  We have been thinking a lot about integration as a key enabler for building a better business and I thought people would get a lot of value from the thinking behind what we would like to do.  I think this could be a challenging session to do because everyone has their own ideas and there is rarely one right answer but I think University of Northumbria is a very interesting company with business drivers which require a great integration platform and we wanted to share the vision and story from early in our journey and then perhaps if people find this interesting we might be able to share things in the future to show how we go.  This session will hopefully be architecture heavy and set the scene for some of the lower level product sessions at the summit but hopefully we will have time to do a demo or two from my reference architecture.
Id love to know what people think of this idea and if there are things people would want to hear about which i might be able to cover in the session



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