Recently Johann Cooper asked if I would review a white paper he was writing following some inspiration from the recent Australia BizTalk Summit organised by BizTalk 360.  As always flattered to be asked for my opinion on these things it was a good opportunity to get involved and also tied up with some work ive been doing recently around an implementation of BizTalk Server in Azure IaaS.

I was very impressed with the paper that Johann has put together and as a reviewer it was a pleasure to read a very well thought through paper.

I also think it fits really nicely along side my recent set of articles about building an Azure based integration platform.  Johann’s offer to review this paper encouraged me to get my blog posts out there to compliment his paper.  My hope is that

1. Azure Based Integration Platform will help you see the art of the possible in using Azure as a cloud based integration platform and let you recognise that BizTalk Server still has a very important part to play in this based on a real world example.

2. The A-Y of Running BizTalk Server in Microsoft Azure will give you that deep understanding of how to set up your BizTalk Server implementation in a way which will allow you to really leverage Azure effectively and also make you aware of the new things you need to consider.




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