I think my bunch of recent articles about an Azure based integration platform ended up with a few more posts than id originally thought it would so prob not a bad idea to have a list of them here.

Part Overview Link
1 Sets out the original vision of what we thought the platform would become Click Here
2 Discusses how the platform evolves in the implementation of some batch style B2B integration feeds involving Dynamics CRM Online Click Here
3 Discusses how the platform was used to implement some business process automation requirements involving on premise applications and B2B partners  Click Here
4 Looks at using the platform to implement a solution that could handle events published from Dynamics CRM Online and to implement a complex workflow with them and integrate with on premise applications Click Here
5 Looks at how the platform evolves to expose an API to the external world and how the back end of the API used Azure Service Bus and various integration techniques to fulfil the requirements of the API Click Here
6 The platform evolves to pull changing data from an on premise application and creates events which can be sent to other applications.  This part uses BizTalk Server Dynamics CRM Online and Azure Service Bus among other things Click Here
7 This post looks at some of the design decisions we made in this scenario Click Here
8 This post compares the original vision for the platform with what it looks like after a number of projects Click Here
9 This post talks about the future for the integration platform and some of the views on how future technologies may impact this implementation Click Here


Remember in this series that the decisions and approaches may not be the same for every customer scenario.  The key thing here is to be aware of the art of the possible and to think about what works well and what doesnt and then try to take the right things that will work well for your organisation.




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